Our Company Name Leads Our Technology
At the beginning of its establishment in 1961, General Research of Electronics, Inc. (GRE) as a trend maker of communication equipment, has worked on development and manufacturing of radio communication equipment focusing on engineering consulting service. Since then GRE exerted great efforts to master the highest technical standards possible in the fields of wired communication equipment and network equipment and in recent years has expanded its range of products from measuring instruments to multimedia equipment, as well as to data terminal equipment and control equipment. In the latter half of the 20th century, dramatic progress was made in all fields of the electronics industry. We therefore have been making ever-changing progresses through a variety of approaches which can respond to customers' needs using in-house development, joint development or ODM (original design manufacturing) production to acquire high-technology solutions to cope with demand of the times. We are often asked, "What service can GRE offer us?" Our answer always is: GRE can act as a manufacturer, as a selling agent, or as a consultant; Our company's mission is to continue to be a multi-faceted product solution partner. When we meet you again, we will be able to show you another new face. We believe it can be your opportunity we can offer you a value which you have never obtained and you and us both can continue to evolve togetherB
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