Our Company Name Leads Our Technology
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GRE's technical advantage is its ability to link every corporate department (LINKAGE): design, development, manufacturing, testing, sales, investigation, proposal making, negotiation, and mediation.Each department's character and ability allow LINKAGE to each other. GRE's global marketing is a LINKAGE activity which links global technology / products to the Japanese market and Japanese technology and products to the global market. GRE's communication activities are all linked each other via "LINKAGE".
GRE's corporate character lies in its organizing ability to link development, manufacturing, and sales activity to each other. For example, GRE America's high-level research capability, advanced marketing activities and cutting edge know-how also function in its corporate office in Tokyo or Chiba factory. And GRE's excellent production process capability also has been passed to its China factory. GRE's forty-year corporate history as well as prominent quality history are the reason why GRE has gained the trust of many customers.
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