1961 DEC Started its business as General Research of Electronics, Inc. (located in Minato-ku Akasaka, Tokyo) mainly involved in development, engineering and consulting business with a capital of 1,000,000 yen.
1964 DEC Established Setagaya factory. Started development, production, sales and import/export business of transceivers under Australian Government's permission.
1966 JAN
Relocated its Head Office to Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
Established Chiba No.1 factory, its office and warehouse in Chiba-ken. Relocated from Setagaya factory to Chiba factory.
1968 MAR Relocated its Head Office to Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo. Established Chiba No.1 factory, its office and warehouse in Chiba-ken. Relocated from Setagaya factory to Chiba factory.
1969 FEB
Established Chiba No.2 factory.
The Capital of business increased to 9,000,000 yen.
1970 JAN
Established the branch in Chicago, USA.
The Capital of business increased to 18,000,000 yen.
1971 APR

Established Chiba No.3 factory.

The Capital of business increased to 30,000,000 yen.
1975 JUN
Established the living quarters for workers in Chiba factory.
Established the warehouse in Chiba factory.
Established inspection department and dining room in Chiba factory.
1976 JUN Established the warehouse in Chiba factory.
1977 FEB
Established Chiba No. 3 factory (Enlarged two floors).
Legalized the branch in Chicago, USA
1978 JAN
Established Chiba No. 1 factory (Enlarged two floors).
Established Chiba No. 2 office (Enlarged two floors).
Corporate with America RAYTHEON MARINE company for Marine radio products.
Telecommunication equipment started automation.
1979 JAN Established Chiba No. 2 factory (Enlarged two floors).
Set up the branch (GRE AMERICA, INC.) in California Belmont, USA.
1980 FEB Developed the Digital Paging System with MATA SYSTEM, USA
1981 JAN Celebrated GRE 20's ,and have produced scanning receiver about 1500000 sets.
GRE COM as the trademark sold in domestic market
1982 JUN

GRE AMERICA, INC. regarded the branch office in California as a head office, and Chicago office regarded as a branch.
Cordless telephone(49-49 MHz duplex specification) U.S.A. FCC and
A T&T( American telephone & telegraph ) business corporation, and started the market sales.
1983 JAN


SYTEK (U.S.A.),Itoku Data System Co and GRE's data communication of local area network terminal
equipment, publish by news; magazines, etc. Started the sales market in mainland (Japan)
Software of engineering department. As for section for extension of business the corporation which
becomes independent. The stock of business about 10,000,000 yen.
Microsoft (U.S.A.) business corporation.
For improve the business, moving these company ( Global Giken Inc; GDS, Inc ) to
2-15 Isota bldg, Roppon-gi, 6 chome, Minato-Ku, Tokyo.
1984 JAN Mounter of "Chip" Parts. Installation to device set in Chiba Factory.
1985 JAN
Print Board checking automatically.
All related Company's, established JAPAMOY DEVELOPMENT, CO. LTD. on China.
1986 JAN
Chiba factory "Office" (440 square meter) and Material warehouse (1,200 square meter) accomplished
The capital of business increase to 90,000,000 yen.
Introduction the computer; Roger Wolcott Sperry model 11(2000MBIT); super mini-computer and
DEC VAX-11 of Japan side.
TDK ( avisert )material mounting automatically install to Chiba factory.
Established GRE (Hong Kong) LTD.
1987 MAY
In Japan Motorola company started to corporate to develop the MCA transceiver,
communication machine, network system and others transceiver machine.
Voice Phone sales market began of South-Eastern.
Global Giken Inc moved to Kanagawa-Ken
1989 JAN Automatic part installing device set (Ikegami transmitter make MI 190), it introduces in the Chiba Factory
U.S.A. Magna Box; Government; Industrial; electrotype company's corporate to production GPS machine
Acquiring the representative reason right of sale production in business tie-up contract in Japan.
1990 MAY
Design center system 9000 375CHX, 375CH introduces to technical department.
ASCII Inc. and Tokyo Bank note capital to GRE, The new capital increase to 27,00,000,000 yen.
1991 JAN Business corporation with an assembly-specialized Maesawa Communication company.
1994   Concluded an agreement with JAL information technology, a subsidiary company to Japan Airlines, to jointly develop and manufacture airborne radios and related equipment.
1995   Concluded an agreement with NTT for development of WLL of PHS-WLL for overseas incompliance NTT specifications.
Concluded an agreement with Akia Corp. to provide assembly work, inspection and direct delivery service to customers including outgoing inspection and maintenance on Akia's computers
1997 MAY Head office and Technical Department moved to Mita, Minato-Ku, Tokyo.


Started the business of PairGain Technologies, Inc. a maker engaged in development manufacture of xDSL.
NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation) as an authorized supplier of HDSL equipment
2001 JAN

SINBON Electronics company had a new share of third party for GRE. GRE capital was increased to 310,000,000 yen.
Bought Home PNA equipment (Version 2) from east Japanese NTT academe .
Started to purchase PN-10SRS(10Mbps) internet terminal equipment after carrying international diagnoses in EAST-WEST company.

Trial-produced Media conversion that POF used in Sony Inc,and started to receive order and delivery.
Established business with Siemens Co,. Jointly to exploit; produce and sell VDSL.
2006 SEP Received the LCD Module business by Seiko Inc. And started LCD Module business.
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